Kids Room

Kids Room Design Ideas

Designing your kids room can be so much fun since you can pretty much let go all of your creativity in it. As long as it is all bout their favorite superheroes or hobbies, your kids will love whatever designs you throw them no matter what. If you still find it difficult, relax, have fun and use these simple kids room design ideas to get the best decoration for your kids room.

Kids room design ideas are closely related to colors. Along with the developmental stage of their brilliant mind and imagination, brilliant colors such as lighter pink, blue, green, cream, yellow and orange will brighten their days anytime. Put lighter colors as your dominant colors and combine it with accent colors such as white, red, dark blue, dark brown or any darker shade of your dominant colors in your furniture and accessories. Accents colors are important in reducing the dullness of a mono color room theme. Do not overdo it, three colors are enough to get the needed accents. Make sure that the color combination is soft and subtle, bold contrasting colors will confuse them.

A safe and space saving furniture is the best option when we are talking about kids room design ideas. Safe spacing furniture such as under bed drawers, under chair drawers or shelves is common as your storage alternative instead of space consuming free standing drawers. This will clear up the space for your kids to play around and doing their activity. If your furniture is painted, make sure that the paint used is the ones with no or low VOC for their safety. Soft and curvy edges furniture is best for smaller kids to avoid accidental collisions.

Aesthetic values in the form of accessories such as posters either printed or painted, unique shaped furniture and wall décor, and toys or dolls are perfect for your kids room design ideas. Painted posters of your kids favorite hero on the wall or their cabinet doors will make your kids jump up and down for happiness. For a girl’s room, flowery wall papers and fairy stickers are excellent to go with your wall treatment. Hang your kids’ most valuable collections such as art, sports memorabilia or science project on the wall neatly to build their self esteem. Cute form such as Mickey Mouse rugs, smiley pillows or cute chairs and desk can be your option to bring cheerfulness in the room.

Finally, lightings both natural and artificial are highly important for your kids room design ideas. Windows with nice cute curtains which let the sunlight in will prevent the room from being damp and cold. You can add some spot lights in some places to give sparkly and spacey effects in your kids room. glow in the dark posters will do perfect to bring out happiness in it too.

Kids Room

Kids Playroom Design Ideas

Seeing your kids playing safely in their respected playing room is heaven for most parents. Having a playroom inside the house enables you to monitor your children’s activity and protect them from the harsh weather outside. Although playing indoor sometimes boring for them, a simple trick can be done to make the best kids playroom ever. Check out some of these kids playroom design ideas for your references in creating the best one.

Areas such as resting area, laying ground, and study area are common in kids playroom design ideas. Get a soft small bedding in your playroom for your kids to lay down and have some rest after playing all day long. You can design it in whatever style and form you want, a small make up tree house or camp look-a -like bedding will be outstandingly perfect. Accommodate the space division and design with your kids’ interests.

You can set up an empty space in the middle of your kids playroom design ideas for a playground area. It usually complemented with soft cushions and rugs. You can design it according to your kids’ favorites theme. Cushions in colorful round or cute forms can be your kids’ seats while they are playing house. Add rugs underneath and make sure that it is soft and comfortable as well as easy to clean to help you with the maintenance.

Instead of a playing ground, combining your playground and study room is a brilliant idea in your kids playroom design ideas. You can add a small table with small chairs in formal style in the corner for your kids to study or do their drawing. Remember to add safety measure on edged chairs and tables to prevent accidents and bumping.

Kids mostly have lost of toys scattered around the house. Teach them how to organize and be responsible with their stuffs by giving them accessible storage system. Open shelving which has reachable height and distinct division of purpose will suffice this function. A bookshelf to store story books, another for storing toys and dolls, and another for storing additional needs such as blanket or rugs in case you need it will be sweet for your kids playroom design ideas.

Talk to your kids and observe their likes and dislikes and incorporate them in your kids playroom design ideas. All of the above tips will be pointless without constructing a unity of theme. A Jungle, camping ground, Barbie, superhero, smart or fairy tales theme can be your choice.

Kids Room

Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Designing your kids bedroom is never an easing thing to do although it is not as difficult as building a rocket to mars. Sometimes you have to deal with delicate matters such as your kids’ taste and their random interests on things which become the main theme of their room. If you find troubles in designing your kids room, here are some kids bedroom design ideas for you.

Your kids bedroom design ideas should have a major theme. It will make you easier to choose the right furniture and accessories to go with your kids preferences. There are various themes around which can range from hobbies, heroes, goals, likes and dislikes or function. Some of the most popular topical theme is Barbie, Disney, football, superman or jungle theme. You can get some furniture and accessories which incorporate those themes in their designs easily in stores. Color theme gives you more freedom in deciding the furniture and accessories since you just need to match the color.

Since safety is essential, furniture should have no sharp edges. You can adjust it with your chosen theme to decide on the models and colors or your furniture. A jungle themed room needs wooden furniture with its natural colors. A superhero theme gives you options to get super hero themed bedding, chairs, cabinets or even rugs. If you choose to have Barbie theme, you just need Barbie like chairs, desks, vanity, and bedding with white paint or bright colors in your kids bedroom design ideas.

Add the appropriate accessories for your design. A jungle themed room kids bedroom design ideas needs plants, animals and other jungle related fixtures in it. Wooden furniture with cream wall and dry tree or painting of animals on the wall is perfect to bring out the jungle feel. For a superhero theme, you can easily buy superheroes themed furniture and accessories in stores nowadays. Comic strip murals on the walls, superman themed bedcover and other superman themed designs are perfect. If you have a girl, pink wall with Barbie or fairy stickers and flowers on the wall can make her feels like a princess.

Remember, kids have lots of stuffs in their room to keep. That’s why storage is important in your kids bedroom design ideas. Some of your kids’ belongings should be separated from the ones to be displayed and the ones should be kept hidden. Some which can be displayed such as trophies, art works, or medallions, etc should be set on open shelving to boost your kids’ self confidence. Clothes, blankets, cushions and other elements should be kept in hidden storage such as under bed, corner closet, or under chair drawer.